About Cotton Rosser & Flying U Rodeo Company

Providing quality family entertainment for over 60 years!

Cotton Rosser is a name that has become synonymous with quality rodeo production. After a ranch accident in 1956 abruptly ended a promising career as a rodeo contestant, Cotton purchased the Flying U Rodeo Company. For the past several decades, Cotton and his family have worked to make the Flying U one of the most successful stock contracting firms in professional rodeo. Cotton has long been known for his outstanding rodeo productions, including the flamboyant opening ceremonies presented at the National Finals Rodeo, the Houston Livestock Show and the Grand National Rodeo in San Francisco just to name a few. Rodeo is show business as far as he is concerned. According to Cotton, "You have to run the show, you can't let the show run you. If you don't keep the audience entertained they will go somewhere else."

Keeping his competition in mind helps Cotton's creative juices flow. He has been inspired in the past to bring such events to rodeo as Bull Poker, Roman Chariot Races, Bull Teeter-Totter and the "Wild Ride" - which has blown fans at the Red Bluff Round-Up away the past couple of years as some of the biggest names in bronc riding donned outrageous costumes and hopped aboard some of Flying U's best bucking horses.

Cotton recognizes Gene Autry as the person who most influenced the showman in him. During the 30's, 40's and 50's stock contractors had a lot of class, silver saddles, matched horses and a flair for showmanship. Every cowboy rode in the grand entry during the heyday of rodeo in such places as Madison Square Garden in New York, Chicago, Houston, Fort Worth and Boston. Cotton has always tried to bring some of that pageantry and color back to rodeo.

In addition to their responsibilities with the Flying U, Cotton and his wife, Karin, own and operate Cotton's Cowboy Corral, a Marysville, CA western wear store. Both Cotton and Karin have pilot's licenses and Cotton has served on the PRCA Board of Directors.

The Rosser family lives a life that revolves around professional rodeo. The spirit and showmanship of the old west is alive and well in the form of Cotton Rosser. Life on the rodeo trail is not easy, but he manages to make a living doing what he loves...living the life of a cowboy!

The Flying U Rodeo is a big operation and it requires many family members and employees working together to produce the successful and entertaining rodeos. 




Don't Try This at Home: Flying U Rodeo Brings Bull Jumping to the US

Flying U Rodeo’s newest addition to spectacular entertainment for rodeo audiences across the west is “Frenchy the Flying Bull Jumper”. Making his debut to a sold out Reno Rodeo audience on Friday night, June 26, Frenchman Manu Lataste wowed the audience with his skill and daring.

See the video as featured on Wrangler Network


Jan 6-7 SUN-MON PBR Oakland Coliseum – Bulls Only   Oakland, CA
Jan 25 FRI Wrangler Long Live Cowboys Classic PBR – Bulls Only Sacramento, CA
Feb 16 SAT Paula Gaughan Quarter Horse Show - Opening Ceremony Las Vegas, NV
Feb 16-17 SAT - SUN Whiskey Flat Daze Rodeo Kernville, CA
Mar 19 TUE Ag Day at the Capitol Sacramento, CA
Apr 12-13 FRI - SAT Cal Poly Intercollegiate Rodeo San Luis Obispo, CA
Apr 19-21 FRI - SUN Red Bluff Round Up – PRCA Rodeo Red Bluff, CA
Apr 27-28 SAT - SUN Gold Country Pro Rodeo – PRCA Rodeo Auburn, CA
May 11-12 SAT - SUN Woodlake Lions Club Rodeo – PRCA Rodeo Woodlake, CA
May 17-19 SAT - SUN Rowell Ranch Rodeo- PRCA Rodeo Hayward, CA
May 30- June 2 THUR – SUN Santa Maria Elks Rodeo - PRCA Rodeo Santa Maria, CA
Jun 9 SUN Greenhorn Mtn. Veterans Rodeo – PRCA Rodeo Glennville, CA
Jun 14-15 FRI-SAT Alameda County Fair Extreme Rodeo Pleasanton, CA
Jun 16 SUN Alameda County Fair Fiesta Del Charro  Pleasanton, CA
Jun 20 THUR Xtreme Bull Riding Reno, NV
Jun 21-29 FRI-SUN Wildest Richest Rodeo in the West – Reno Rodeo – PRCA Reno, NV
July 4-6 THUR-SAT Folsom Pro Rodeo - PRCA Rodeo Folsom, CA
Jul 11-13 THUR-SAT Ute Stampede – PRCA Rodeo Nephi, UT
Jul 27 SAT Mid-State Fair Extreme Rodeo Paso Robles, CA
Jul 28 SUN Mid-State Fair Iron Horse Rodeo Paso Robles, CA
Jul 31- Aug 4 WED - SUN Orange Co. Fair Bull Riding & Fiesta Del Charro Costa Mesa, CA
Aug 7 WED Nevada County Fair Rodeo Grass Valley, CA 
Aug 10-11 SAT-SUN Ventura County Fair Rodeo – PRCA Rodeo Ventura, CA 
Aug 24-25 SAT-SUN Virginia City Showdeo Virginia City, NV
Aug 24-25 SAT - SUN Rancho Mission Viejo Rodeo – PRCA Rodeo San Juan Capistrano, CA
Aug 30-31 FRI-SAT Monterey County Fair Bull Riding Monterey, CA
Sept 1 SUN Monterey County Fair Fiesta Del Charro Monterey, CA
Sept 14-15 SAT-SUN Marysville Stampede- PRCA Rodeo Marysville, CA 
Sept 20-21 FRI-SAT Marine Corps Rodeo Barstow, CA
Sept 26 THUR Kern County Fair Extreme Rodeo  Bakersfield, CA
Sept 27-28 FRI-SAT  Kern County Fair Rodeo – PRCA Rodeo Bakersfield, CA
Sept 29 SUN Kern County Fair – Fiesta Del Charro Bakersfield, CA 
Oct 4-6 FRI-SUN Circuit Finals PRCA Rodeo Lancaster, CA
Oct 11-12 FRI-SAT Grand National Rodeo – PRCA Rodeo San Francisco, CA
Oct 13 SUN Grand National Rodeo – Fiesta Del Charro San Francisco, CA
Oct 18-19 FRI-SAT Grand National Rodeo – PRCA Rodeo San Francisco, CA
Nov 9-10 SAT - SUN Brawley Cattle Call Rodeo – PRCA Rodeo Brawley, CA
Dec 5-14 THUR-SAT National Finals Rodeo Las Vegas, NV

In the world of outdoor entertainment and the business of State Fairs, One name and One company stands out above all others when it comes to great arena events. Cotton Rosser and the Flying U Rodeo Company. Cotton Rosser is the epitome of quality, great stock, great people and overall great events!

Norb Bartosik, CEO California Exposition & State Fair

In my many years in Fair management, Cotton Rosser and the production of the Flying U Rodeo Company was always top quality. You can always count on Cotton to be a true partner to make each event a success. Congratulations to Cotton Rosser and his entire organization at the Flying U Rodeo for 50 years of outstanding service to the fair industry.

Mike Treacy, Director California Department of Food and Ag