Flying U Rodeo In the News

2015 Featured Specialty Acts

Spectators and fans go to rodeos for the action, adventure and entertainment they provide. Numerous things come to mind when rodeo’s entertainment factor is mentioned – bulls, broncs, barrels and of course, the specialty acts.


Specialty acts always play a big role in the entertainment package many people associate with today’s professional rodeo. Rodeo committees continually request the best entertainers available to excite and thrill their hometown crowds. Charros, trick riders, mounted drill teams, clowns, horse acts, motorcycle daredevils, and more vie to become audience favorites.


Believing rodeo is about keeping fans keep fans entertained and coming back for more, Cotton Rosser has always had an eye for outstanding entertainment and good specialty acts are no exception. He has been instrumental in introducing and promoting several of rodeo’s best and brightest contract acts to audiences throughout the West.


Year after year Rosser has presented unique, creative and exciting acts at his rodeos. For more than 60 years many of the industry’s top talent started down the road to stardom traveling with Cotton on the Flying U Trail. Fans have come to expect nothing but the finest in entertainment value from a Flying U Rodeo. 



Flying U Rodeo In the News

Bobby Kerr 

Bobby Kerr and his unique team of American Mustangs have inspired audiences around the nation with their incredible display of courage and trust.



Flying U Rodeo In the News

Charlie Too-Tall West

The World’s Smallest Barrelman standing at 4’6, Charlie has been entertaining rodeo crowds for decades.



Flying U Rodeo In the News

Justin Rumford

Born on the back of pick-up horse in a summer haze, Justin Rumford is a third-generation rodeo cowboy and one of the top barrelmen in the PRCA.



Flying U Rodeo In the News

Kent Lane

Kent Lane proudly kicks off the rodeo with a presentation of Old Glory, like you’ve never seen before.



Flying U Rodeo In the News

The One Armed Bandit & Company 

Since 1988, John Payne has thrilled rodeo fans around the world. He rides a variety of good horses and mules in his full throttle exhibition of genuine cowboy skills with longhorn steers, buffalo and wild horses.



Flying U Rodeo In the News

Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls

 Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls have cemented their reputation as an international trick riding, trick roping and Roman riding troupe appearing at rodeos and events around the world.



Flying U Rodeo In the News

Tomas Garcilazo

Tomas Garcilazo’s proficiency as a skilled and accomplished horseman combined with his expert ability as a rope artist, defines him as one of the finest Charros presenting La Charreria today.