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Born to Buck Program

Born to Buck Program

Ranches matching their best bronc riders against another ranches' bronc riders on the rankest horses they owned. Horses were raised to be tough and last all day long to work the big round-ups of cattle. These horses dated back to the wild mustang and the better breeds brought over on ships from Europe. The rodeo animals of today are "BORN TO BUCK" - it's in their blood. Great animals don't come along as often as one might think. These days, there are selective breeding programs throughout the United States and Canada. Flying U has been raising bucking horses and bulls since the late 1960's.

The bucking stock is the heart of a rodeo stock contracting outfit. Flying U Rodeo Co. - one of the oldest continuing stock contracting companies in the world - needs the backup of hundreds of bucking horses and bulls throughout the year-long rodeo season and raises most all of their stock at their ranches in Marysville, CA. A horse or bull may only buck four to six times a month, then will be turned out and another group of stock will go on the road. This means that each animal works an average of only ten minutes a year...what a life!

Flying U has purchased many great bucking horses because their owners simply could not handle them, these animals have found a fresh start in the rodeo arena. Athleticism and heart are the key qualities to look for in good bucking stock. The tough part about raising horses is that it takes several years to find out if you have a champion bucking horse. Colts are not bucked until they are almost four years old and even then they may not prove themselves right away. With younger, smaller riders, bulls can begin being bucked at two years of age. They are brought to good arenas with excellent footing for them to buck on, as well as being put in well-maintained bucking chutes and corrals. Flying U Rodeo is looking forward to the future, when these young animals will be the next stars of professional rodeo!

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