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Cotton Rosser- Born to Buck- Flying U Rodeo

Cotton Rosser- Born to Buck- Flying U Rodeo

I spent my childhood dreaming of being a cowboy and living a cowboy life. As a small boy, in Long Beach, CA, I wanted to be a cowboy. My mother could always find me where the horses and cowboys were. That dream has become a reality over the years and thanks to you, rodeo's supporters and fans, I continue to live the life of a "cowboy".

The cowboy has long been the quintessential `American Idol'. His story started in the wild,untamed western lands of America's past. The nation was young and unsettled. Dreamers, adventurers and those with the pioneering spirit were needed to tame the west. Many answered the call, often with a trusty steed as their partner and companion. The cowboy was America's past and the rodeo cowboy is part of America's present - strong, independent, in charge of his own destiny.

My past, present and future have been made possible because of my own American dream. I love rodeo and I love presenting part of my dream to you with each performance. I love the patriotism, athleticism, competition, excitement and thrills that will accompany today's rodeo. Whether you are a first time attender or a seasoned veteran, I hope you will enjoy the show.

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